Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nothing You Can Make That Can't Be Made

Green Onions in the wok alter their flavor from fresh and raw to vibrant, alive and what I imagine the color green would actually taste like. First of all I love green onions. They remind me of Indiana and my mother. I eat them raw with salt in their entirety, no problem. Green onions are a happy food.

Canned beans have replaced much of the white rice and pastas for me this year. I'm trying to get that gratification and fullness but also the nutrition. The high fiber and protein also let me feel full but not get the couch lock of the pasta carbs.

Wok cooking has also been a weeknight savior. As long as you enjoy what you're throwing in that hot pot it almost doesn't matter the mix. And again, you don't need to add much to make it all come together. This is my take on a quick ham and beans.

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