Sunday, April 29, 2012

There's Been a Change, Yeah There's Been A Change of Heart

At PathMark there are some Latin cheeses that for my budget are a bit too high priced to experiment on unless they're on sale. I am glad they have them but I wish they were more affordable on a regular basis. I've wondered if they are worth the full ticket price. I mean really good cheese is expensive too but when you eat it, its taste is so far superior than the crap we usually melt down and digest.

As a matter of fact, I was all ready to start bashing this so called Authentic Latin cheese company out in Jersey, called Tropical. Then I read about the owner and he seems like a real nice Cuban man that just likes cheese and runs an honest business. Its simply the processes that change for making Latin cheeses so I guess the location isn't as important? And looking in the fridge, it seems there have been recent sales sufficient for me to purchase the Oaxacan style string cheese, the aged Cotija and the finally the Queso de Freir. So I shut my pie hole and made a nice pan-roasted grape tomato salad featuring fried chunks of this cheese. A baked pork chop as the main. The cheese could have been even better tossed in seasoned bread crumbs and it did keep it's shape. Almost like tofu.

Pretty good. But I wouldn't say any of these cheeses were special due to their flavor as much as their texture. Would I buy them again? Yes actually. I already have some ideas for new dishes. They're different enough to freshen up some old favorites but yet versatile enough to add almost anywhere because they are so mild.

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