Sunday, April 1, 2012

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey

I love (some of )the people that come out of Brooklyn. There is a kid name K that works on the dock at my job. He's probably got one of those disorders that has a name but you just end up thinking he's funny. An example; He asks inappropriate questions to the situation. Like I was walking through the warehouse and out the blue he asks me if I like pizza. Now I wasn't anywhere near him. He was way on the far side of a long back of me. Are you gettin' the oddity of it? And there is always a question like this. They don't begin with a conversation and they end with just one. The funniest part is my answer really seems to matter to him. Not just mine but everyone's. I said yeah, I love it. Matter of fact I just had some last night. He asked me where I got it and when I told him I made it, you woulda thought I told him I made a spaceship in my bathroom. That look. Disbelief. He walked away like I kicked his dog, almost upset.
Now I know many people make pizzas at home at this point but I myself less than 10 years ago woulda been bewitched by that too. There are varying degrees of quality too but isn't it just wonderful that we can make our own pizzas at home. Its almost like getting to grow your own weed.
I took Bisquik mix, and made super quick oddly shaped rounds and simply put doctored up tomato paste, leftover cheeses and pepperoni slices. A fresh twist was I threw on fresh baby arugula for that peppery lemon tasting bite. Quick like the name promises and good like pizza promises.

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