Friday, March 1, 2024

Healed, Already

Giant Burgers from La Bagel Delight
An early morning trip to Urgent Care proved a fractured shoulder and multiple contusions.

On arrival home, processing that news, a special package arrived holding a glorious print review in Rolling Stone Magazine Germany of my mates current album, Kingbird written by radio legend and journalist Wolfgang Doebeling and fellow lover and friend of Townes Van Zandt.  Coincidentally Wolfgang was the first person to buy the record.  

The first line reads 'the best, most inspiring album of 2023...and by the way it was released on 12/27/23. I mean, how's a girl supposed to feel about a day like this.  The easy part was it was a giant take out burger day, that was crystal clear.  The rest still remains a million nano particles in the air waiting to land and become real. 

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