Thursday, March 28, 2024

You're the One Who Can Put Out the Fire

 Irish Cabbage Soup from the Hillbilly Kitchen

I've spent time admiring Appalachian cooks on-line and websites, like the one above and the way in which budget, leftovers and simple ingredients, as well as thoughtfulness come into play in their recipes.  Ideas made out of necessity and supply.  This matches my way of thinking about food and meals.  Because I am in Brooklyn, I have access to many fun ingredients and influences that allow me to be creative when I want.  I'm not considered a house wife by any means and certainly am not southern.  I'm not feeding 6, I'm only cooking for two, but somehow her food philosophy makes sense to me nonetheless.  Becky has a Trump sign on her fridge and quotes bible scripture, and, or but, depending on how you view it, she's a joy to watch.  

Recipes that have history or stories behind them hold more than the sum of their ingredients.  You feel you've been given more than just a dish.  That making it allows you to be with that family or in a time or place.  Connecting with your food is real.  I prove that by noticing you can only do it with organic ingredients. Try to relate to a frozen chicken nugget and you will feel very little.

I made this soup relying on its nutritional properties to help heal and be filled up with its vitamin rich broth. I do believe there is magic to certain soups made a certain way, and this is one of them.

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