Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Baby, It's No Surprize

Collard and Green Bean Bake
Small discoveries are just as important in cooking as the big eye openers.  Fresh collards are abundant, and cheap, but can this resilient green be made to taste more delicate?  The answer is yes, yes, yes!  I chopped them in small squares, then blanched them in boiling stock for a few minutes with garlic and lemon.  I included them in my green bean bake and they were such a lively pop of bright green, yet, so very tender.  It should be no surprise after discovering the elegance of a quick sauteed cabbage.  
It is so incredible how collectively, we are learning how to use all of these beautiful vegetables unorthodoxly. When I grew up, you had to boil and cook down things like cabbage and collards for hours. Thems were the rules and no one dared question them, yet.  I definitely came from that time when recipes were definitive.  Now, anything is possible it seems. Creativity may be something that expands, like the universe.

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