Sunday, March 10, 2024

You Don't Always Show Your Sweet Side

Ode to the Sweet Potato
My mates portion - He's not a fan of sweet potatoes, I often force them upon him like a cruel stepmother insisting he needs to recognize their magnificence.
Sweet Potato with Chili
A baked sweet potato simply dressed goes perfectly with chili.  Normally I would have topped the potato with the chili, but instead I needed a heaping helping of everything in abundance, so I could scoop a bit with each bite.  After my shoulder fracture, my body screams out in need of certain vitamins to heal.  Sweet potatoes are full of them.  They are still cheap, they bake up easily and you can do a bunch at once to include in many dishes.  Baked, mashed, cubed, fried, heavily seasoned or slightly buttered.  The color and hint of sweetness fills you up with nutrients.  All you need to do is poke them and toss them in a 425 degree oven with your good arm and pull them out in 45 minutes to an hour.  If you plan on eating the skin you can go the extra mile and coat them in oil and salt and pepper after cleaning and poking.  It was suggested to bake on a lined pan in case of leakage but I didn't bother and they didn't leak. 

Breakfast flour tacos

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