Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Go On and Live a Little

NY Times Garlicky Chicken with Anchovy and Lemon
What's so helpful about browsing recipes, is finding new ways to do similar things, like this one from the New York Times. The simple addition of capers, anchovies and more garlic elevated this chicken exponentially.  It calls for 6 anchovies but here's the thing; you open that can and well, you just gotta use them all because what are 4 more anchovies?  More depth that's right and by adding more lemon it boldens the flavor.  Plus, no one wants an opened can of anchovies in their fridge and throwing the rest out, would just be wrong.  So go ahead and toss in the oil that the anchovies are packed in as well. 

tons of thin sliced garlic, chili flakes, capers and olive oil first to melt down the anchovies.   
I also made cottage fries to go alongside.

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