Saturday, March 16, 2024

Even If Nobody Else Sings Along

Chopped - Brooklyn
One chef, 30 minutes to make a dinner for two out of the foolish ingredients her husband brought home from the store he also gets his beer from, and with about as much thought as it takes to wipe his ass.  I say that knowing that this is only true because I was too lazy to go myself.  

I call these Chopped dinners because I take those random purchases as a challenge to make something delicious and diner quality.  

You know on Chopped when they tell the contestant that their chosen serving vessel made the eating experience unpleasant and for that and many reasons, they had to be Chopped?  Actually, I think I messed up on plating, serving portion and not transforming the ingredients.  However, this was a gitter' done dinner that did not have to impress.  But, had I chosen a large bowl-ish platter, and had less sprouts, this would have kept me in the competition.  I did get this on the plate in 30 minutes, which is another reason it's a great fast meal idea. Turkey meatballs drop-cooked in a simmering tomato sauce (Rao's sauce on sale at local market!), over cheese ravioli (pre-made), topped with cheese and turkey pepperoni and put in the oven to melt.  Alongside were pan sauteed Brussels Sprouts with bacon and garlic.  

Just like little Edie says in Grey Gardens, Sometimes you gotta make this stuff up! You understaaaand. 

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