Monday, March 11, 2024

Welcome to My Nightmare, I Think You're Gonna Like It

Skillet Chicken and Rice w/ Sweet Potato
Previously on No One Gives a Shit (but me), I had baked extra sweet potatoes to include in upcoming one-armed meals.  Today, I made a traditional Mexican Chicken (here's a nice recipe) and Rice and at the tail end of cooking, I topped it with Kale and chunks of baked sweet potato to steam for 10 minutes.  
I like adding vegetables to make a cohesive dish instead of individual sides.  This bred out of laziness I suppose but conventional dinners have always spooked me a tiny bit.  Seeing naked peas next to white potatoes on the plate for example, all lonely and tasteless.  It's a fear of normality, perhaps.  Is that a real condition?
This was delicious and feeds an army, so be sure to portion out some for the freezer.  These frozen meals are great for rainy day options. 

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