Friday, March 29, 2024

Are You Man Enough When the Goings Rough

Freddy's Mexican Food Truck
Freddy's food truck breakfast tacos
An early morning walk that ended in incredible breakfast tacos from Freddy's truck was the inspiration for my first attempt at making corn tortillas.  This is a good example of ignorance and fear keeping one in darkness for years.  I always thought the process was laborious and drawn out, hours of dough resting, flour all over my apron. I figured sweat would be involved.  It takes 20 minutes and it's so easy!  But, and it's a substantial but, there are nuances and skills that will develop to get them to be incredible. 

 I am a huge advocate of non-fussy cooking.  I feel I'm winning when I can make a meal from random ingredients that I need to use up.  I had bought this Masa Harina and every time I opened my cabinet it was like, here I am girl!  Whatchu gon' do with me?  I think success is getting something that tastes great locked down on all the regular days of your life. 

They say your comal or griddle should be medium high, but of course that really depends on your burner BTUs, so getting that heat correct was a bit of a challenge.  But the moment your first tortilla balloons up for you is a proud one!

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