Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Take This Broken Wing and Learn to Fry

Susie Burgers - Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Apparently, my mates sister was a fussy eater as a child and as we were considering a food from our Midwestern childhoods today, this fried bologna creation was suggested.  Called a Susie Burger, it was invented by the grandmother in order to appease this finicky sibling.  My dad loved fried bologna sandwiches as well and I remember him cutting the slits so they would lay flat on the pan and how he said it was important to get a little char on the edges.  There is something so beautiful about recreating foods that are attached to good memories.  It would be a sin not to add potato chips and tomato soup.  
I grilled Rye bread and added American Cheese and thin slices of tomato to the Susie Burger.

I share this gross pic only to remind myself of the pain my wing and body went through after that fall at work.  Everything hurt, all day for weeks.  And now it's concentrated pain in a few areas but it will get better. This period of one-armed cooking will be just another blip, like so many events in a (hopefully) long life.  It's important to honor your body, and treat it well.  It serves you like a little soldier through every battle.

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