Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Lord Guide Me Soft

I had an accident at work the day before and fell 6ft off a ladder while reaching to stretch a bungee onto a grid just above 8ft.  Falling is a wild happening because on one hand it happens so fast that your eyes and mind cannot comprehend or put together the sequence and then on the other, you recall these moments that seem to freeze in time, like screen shots in your mind.  I looked down and I saw my left leg falling straight down and I screamed, ooooooh shit!  Then I was on the ground but right before and what I don't remember, like a pinball, I pinged and ponged off the stone countertop, the ladder, my coworker (who was my spotter) and God knows what else.  Right before I was sure to black out, I stood right up and said some gibberish before sitting down on a bar stool.  My coworker after asking if I was okay, began talking nervously, a mile a minute, as I began to sweat profusely until finally, I think I'm gonna, I think I need to, um, I better go.....and off I went.  Not to the hospital, not to urgent care, but like a sick cat, I went home and hid.  

The next night I hadn't yet felt the seriousness of the injury although it was getting there.  I proceeded to make a quick, ground pork stew with small diced potatoes, shaved Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.  This, with my good arm, the only one bruised up at the time.  Sour cream stirred into the chicken stock, along with a bit of corn starch and a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper.  I kept this basic, but it was warm and nourishing. 

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