Thursday, February 15, 2024

I Can Feel You Everywhere, Shining Like the Sun

Museum Hang with my Bud!

Most of my best friends are fellow introverts, so when we do get to spend time together, we appreciate the sacrifice of this coveted time.  The experience will fill our tanks in a way that is hard to explain but it's the most concentrated fuel, and essential to life.  When introverts need people, it becomes fairly dire and one tends to feel like a vampire, sucking the neck of its victim.
After-museum warm apple pie and carrot cake at Utopia Diner on Amsterdam. 

American Museum of Natural History - because you have to feed the child in you from time to time. 

The Upper West Side.  My favorite areas of Manhattan are the ones that look frozen in time.
Subway ghost

East Village ATM
Gorgeous views from the Museum

Speaking of being childish....My favorite part of the Elephant exhibit was this.

The animal exhibits are satisfying meditation windows. They're artistic.  They're gorgeous and put you in a moment of the animal's life.  I love them and they never get old to me. I might be the last generation to appreciate such a simple way to showcase wildlife.  The little kids seemed to breeze right past these incredible displays.

You have to work hard to stay away from political opinions even in something as simple as ancient exhibits but the corrections shown here are for the better.  If it's an incorrect portrayal of these folks, then it's helpful to let us know how it really was.  However, I do wonder why they didn't just update the exhibit instead of telling us how it's wrong.
Grey Dog pre-museum Breakfast Union Square - Bacon and Egg on Croissant with fries.
Swiss Cheese Omelet with home fries
The before-the-meal-arrives but after-you've-ordered moment of zen and happiness.  Time to chat and laugh and enjoy life!

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