Thursday, February 1, 2024

Karma Chameleon

The best tortilla?  So far, yes!
Chameleon is Brooklyn-based tortilla and bread (and coffee!) company that sells through Amazon and makes smaller batches to keep orders fresh.  Luckily my market sells them and after trying, I will go on record to say they are far superior to their competitors.  I'm talking to you Mission Brand! Supple and tasting like corn, not cardboard. More than that, I was checking out carb count on corn versus flour and yes, it's cut in half but the surprising scare was two Chameleon corn tortillas have 35gm of sodium as opposed to one Mission flour tortilla coming in at 320mg!! That's insanity!  In fairness, Mission does sell an extra thin gluten free corn tortilla. But there are so many other brands on the market and with all the Mexicans in town, we should have the best tortillas. 
I've embraced the breakfast tostada so it was just a matter of time before the breakfast taco became a staple.  Anything I can make on my griddle pan and quickly, is a huge plus.  Flour tortillas and eggs are everything but if you're fearful of carbs taking over your life, get down with a crisped up cheesy corn vessel.  Brush torts with oil on one side, lay on a hot griddle, top with cheese, scramble your egg to just before done, on the side.  When the tort is crispy, fill with egg, fold and flip, allow egg to fluff before serving.  These are rustic and pure.

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