Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Every Moment I'm Awake, The Further I'm Away

Mediterranean Chicken 
Lemony potatoes and cabbage, olives and garlic bring these thighs to life in a roasting pan.  The recipe from Cafedelites.com above would be best.  Unfortunately, I had to take some shortcuts due to having no will to go further than a one pot meal.  Therefore, I didn't brown the chicken beforehand.  I had no kalamata olives, so I had to use green and no zucchini so I subbed cabbage.  I will next time use the others but this was tangy awesome, coupled with the soft color palette of comfort food.  
If I was told how many times I would prepare chicken in my lifetime when I was in my twenties, I probably would have jumped off a roof or punched you.  Now, I know there is no bigger privilege than these simple lives we were able to live, that most likely hold freedoms that will not exist in the short future.  Just like how much of the past feels like a beautiful dream that I also could never see while in it.  Moving to California in my twenties.  Affording studio apartments in San Francisco, having a great job in Times Square, riding my bike in my 60s.  Sobriety without depression.  It's hard to recognize and appreciate your own life while it's taking place.  We're all so blind to our own happiness.  Lemon Chicken can help one remember these things.

Breakfast from Bagel Delite

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