Wednesday, February 21, 2024

I've Seen That Road Before

Grey Dog Breakfast
Grey Dog Omelet 
Union Square morning

Washington Square Park

Back to the Museum of Natural History, this time with my mate to catch all the exhibits I missed previously and because the MET was closed.  And because I think I oversold how fun this place could be. 

Walking through Central Park in winter is serene.  There is something koo koo about this man built nature oasis being smack dab in the middle of chaos that always leaves me with a feeling of awe.  

I still LOVE NYC!

subway people

We stopped by Black Forest Brooklyn for a snack and a Guinness for P. 
Later I concocted a braised chicken dish with mushrooms and peppers that could be served with spaghetti.
 Fresher than a hunter's chicken, Not cheesy enough to be a chicken Parmesan. But stewie enough to build tons of flavor.  

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