Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Each Day is Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2024
Pizza slices and salad bowls for dinner
Breakfast Egg Cups! For an uncharacteristically cutesy Valentine's morning theme.  We soften as we age and friends die and family gets sick or we see decades of others suffering. Simply living in the world is enough to temper your temperament.   It's all so humbling and heartbreaking at times.  But it helps to lighten up and love more, or try to love the people in your life more.  Other than the getting uglier part, getting older is the best thing that happens to who we really are inside.  After all these years, I finally hold a different take on celebrating Valentine's Day too.  Instead of forced romance goofiness, I choose to honor love of every kind.  
These egg cups served as a treat for both of us and I loved them. 

As you could guess, these are great for a snack but also, microwaved just fine for a lunch box meal.
As you'd also imagine, these are basically whatever you'd throw in your favorite scramble, poured into baking cups and topped with cheddar.

6 Eggs - whisked with a big dollop of sour cream and a tiny bit of dijon mustard, salt and pepper
Green onion
Tomato - fresh
Mix together and fill cups, bake for 25 minutes on 350.

It's a reminder that you could put this all in one oven safe pan and call it brunch too. 

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