Saturday, February 24, 2024

Don't Sweat the Technique

At Italian restaurants in New York, the menu often features spaghetti as a side dish.  I decided if it's good enough for the Italians, it's appropriate for my plate.  I served it alongside a cheeseburger patty and asparagus. Because sometimes you can make dinner, but you can't make sense.. 
I feel strongly about using up leftovers, but also to make them fun to eat, not out of obligation.

My omelets never come out consistently, although I'm a big fan of these buttery, cheesy soft kind that don't see any pan browning.  There's a time and place for all types of eggs in my opinion. 
In the end, if you're the primary cook in the situation, there is a chance you may make over 43,000 meals in your lifetime.  So, I think it's best not to sweat the technique. 

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