Monday, March 5, 2012

You Make Me So Very Happy

In the last couple of years that National Thai has been open here in Fort Greene, we've been blessed to get smokin' hot amazing dishes delivered for a very reasonable price. They even use these super sturdy plastic containers that I've kept and now reuse for all my leftovers. Got a whole set. But the very last time we ordered from them the curtain came crashing down. It wasn't bad, it still tasted good, but it wasn't spectacular. And they forgot my rice. Spectacular Thai food grabs you by the shirt collar and slaps you about the face until you're sure you're alive. It's invigorating. Your nose is running, you're breathing passages are cleared. It's restorative. Non-spectacular Thai is a dud firecracker. Like I said, it only happened once but it was a risk to order again and take the chance. But National did not disappoint tonight. And God bless 'em, it was a Monday when you can really benefit from anything that doesn't suck. Fireworks, slapping, the whole nine yards. The Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice was a dream and a real surprise. The Beef with Green Curry is the real super star. The Kang Kyo Whan Nuur. With just the right heat, lemongrass, coconut, curry. And the vegetables, the eggplant, plenty of bamboo shoots, carrots and peppers and finally the thin sliced beef. Thank you National Thai for coming through for us in our time of need.

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