Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Said Ya...Well...What Am I Supposed to Do?

My best advice if you're going to eat meat or enjoy your food is to watch the news after dinner. I was so proud of my beef stir fry with leeks and mushrooms with fresh tomato. This was on point Jim. And then I turned on the t.v.
Of course this was the week to announce Pink Slime, the additive that isn't an additive but isn't beef but is beef trimmings, depending on which article you read. I don't know. I remember when Jamie Oliver did a bit on this last year and I blocked it out because he kinda bugs me. I've read both sides. Am I crazy? I feel like it's not that bad of a process to separate the fat from the meat and then save the meat to use in ground beef as fillers. It's kinda resourceful. So they have to mist it with ammonia and water, sounds kinda reasonable to me. They spray pesticides all over our crops. And our dumb asses, those of us who can't afford organic are still eating that up. I mean even the soil has all kinds of toxins in it now so supposedly we're not safe eating anything with or without pesticides. I grew up eating tripe, which is stomach lining and the pieces of meat around bacteria do need to be cleaned well and you do need to kill off the bad germs. I mean the whole meat processing practice is pretty gross and that's no secret but c'mon, we're eating animals here people. Can we all really be so freaked out about this? What I'm saying is that our standards have been down and its crazier to me to act so shocked about this. I kind of assumed so much worse myself.
And also, its been going on for years, like two decades. Why are they telling us now? It must be for someone's gain and not for our best interest. I was just hoping it would bring beef prices down this week from the scare. That's how twisted I am. You gotta eat right? Yeah, I'm sure I'm alone here, so I don't expect to hear big cheers.
But you know what does deserve a big cheer? My beef stir fry with leeks, mushrooms and tomatoes. The marinade: - soy sauce - rice vinegar - honey - orange juice - ginger - garlic. In a very hot wok I tossed in the meat slices just a few at a time, set those aside. First the leeks then the mushrooms. After they were just tender, everything back in the wok, with some ginger, garlic, a little soy sauce. I added a slurry of water and cornstarch. At the very end in went the big chunks of tomato. Served over white rice with lots of chili garlic sauce!

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