Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Is the Springtime of My Loving

It's official, spring is here. Its the perfect time of year. Its too early to begin dreading summer or the fact that we're in an incredibly ridiculously crowded city another year.

It's too early to dread all the thousands of extra bicyclists I'll have to contend with during my commute.

It's too early to worry about how my head will become impossibly sweaty and my hair limp and lifeless in the heat.

Its way to early to be depressed about what I might look like in a bathing suit or how frighteningly pale my legs might look in shorts to the general public.

For the next few weeks there is plenty of hope and rejuvenation of the spirit and soul, the mind, the will. We all get our groove back. We get another go round.

The city doesn't smell yet, the flowering trees help it look almost village like. People start wearing colors again and get out of those black bubble jackets. The sun comes out and the birds start singing.

Time for Feta, tomato and spinach omelets. A side of hash browns and turkey sausage, buttered toast, OJ and a big cup of hot coffee. Open the windows and let life back in.

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