Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will You Still Feed Me When I'm 64

P turned another year older this day. It wasn't the big 5-0 like mine was but almost. 49 is nothing to sneeze at either. It's a scary one too really. It's the last stop before life slaps your ass and calls you done. And by life I mean the voices in your head. Thank God I have so many of them running through my head. All of assorted views and opinions. No one ever agrees on anything, even the negative stuff.
But sometimes good things come to mind. Like to make a celebrational feast for the old goat that sleeps besides me now. His request was a good steak sandwich. The upscale market had a flat iron steak that looked appealing, so I tried that. After my eyes were glassy from researching the best steak sandwich recipes I settled upon a mash up again of 3.
My inspiration came from a brief sidetracking of my search to the new Dark Shadows movie. What would Barnabus like on his steak sandwich I wondered? Something red, so a sundried tomato pesto was perfect. Sweet Vidalia onions and some peppery arugula would be suitable. And I splurged for the tiniest piece of real Parmigiano-Reggiano and shaved slices over the top. A nice soft toasted Ciabbata bread cloaked it in warm goodness. Out of 1 to 10, P said 7.75.
I had another idea to make baked tater tots because I love them so much but also feel weird that I'd love something bagged and frozen maybe full of crap. I've been on a 3 or 4 month potato fascination as well. Turns out, not a new idea, just new to me. There were a few recipes on line. But they were cool and less guilt. Plus you can dress and season them as you wish.
But the real sleeper of the night was this shaved asparagus avocado salad I found on Epicurious.com. So captivating and springlike. You gotta make this. Find big asparagus and when shaving lay it flat on the board and don't turn it, just peel. Only took me about 9 tries to figure that one out.

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