Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a Wonderful World

To get inspiration and ideas I'll browse the international food aisles at PathMark. They don't have a lot really but what they do carry is interesting enough. It's like the World Music section of your local record store in the 80's. They don't cover every country. There are big gaps missing. The categories are a bit willing nilly and random. But its still fun to browse. They have a good amount of seasonings and sauces that are full of MSG and sugars but its interesting to read what goes in those sauces if you were to make them at home, like the Jamaican and Thai stuff.
So anyway this time I was searching for a new bean or grain. I stumbled upon a Goya Golden Hominy Corn. Sounded great, I love hominy but never had it like this. There was a recipe for Corn Hominy Chowder on the back. Yes!
I have to tell you, this was definitely a hefty, chunky chowder. I felt like Sacagawea feeding Lewis & Clark on the trail. This is Americana food. I want to say its the first food I've tasted that I could really say felt like real Indian food. I loved it. It was simple but had purpose.
I can't find much information about it on the web. It looks like popcorn kernels but its really a field corn called Yellow Dent. Instead of going through the nixtamalization process they leave on the outer hull and therefore leave in the Niacin. It's not puffy like the hominy I'm used to but the flavor is intensified and the texture is way more earthy. I loved it! Perhaps I'll try it in my next round of posole.

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