Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Want You Back

Chicken Chilaquiles Verde courtesy of Pequena in Fort Greene. So good that we were almost able to ignore the stroller contingent that seems to have taken over the place. It's a tiny restaurant, therefore the name Peguena. It's kinda perfect for pairs or threesomes. It's not the best place for kids. Or to be fair, I should say it's not the best place for both, people with kids and people without. Who by the way just wanna go eat their chilaguiles and chat over good coffee and have some peace. It's almost as if the old crowd, that was cute hipster lesbian couples all had kids. Every one of them. And now they're back. With their strollers.
You win mothers. For now. We'll miss you dearly chilaquiles swimming in your perfect verde sauce, with the best cheese and your two fried eggs. We loved you almost enough to ignore the babies picking up every item on the table constantly and then dropping it on the floor throughout our whole meal as we all sat cozy side by side in this tiny restaurant. By the way did I mention is a perfect setting for couples and threesomes to sit and chat over coffee and get some peace. Sniff, sniff.

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