Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things Ain't What They Used to Be

Spring has sprung in Brooklyn! Blooming trees in the parks, and along streets.

Breakfast was light, just poached eggs over fried potatoes. If you must know, I burnt the bacon trying to use my oven pizza stone. I even put the pieces out for the birds but they didn't touch them. Even our pet squirrel snubbed me and he'll eat anything.

It really wasn't much of a winter. I mean they were calling it Juneuary, the warmest winter on record. One big snow and that was in October. You get to wondering if spring really will continue to come every year. Perhaps it too one year will fail to appear. No blooming trees, no buds, no March rains. Pretty scary thought actually. Spring is a miracle and such a gift every year that we take for granted. What if it didn't come?

What would happen to the construction workers who's sole job is to stand around and ogle the girls walking around in spring clothing?

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