Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Taco Talk - Lets chat briefly on the subject of tacos
Tacos have evolved into specialty food, therefore can be made and enjoyed in many different ways. 

Leftover roasted chicken thighs were put to good use by shredding and adding my homemade hot sauce to make a stewie moist filling for tacos.  I'm obviously not a traditionalist, although I come from a family of cooks who make dishes correctly.  Those who can't, get creative.  I am a believer in having fun with food, and if it's tasty, all the rules go down the drain.  Grilling the corn tortilla on a comal or griddle first before filling and folding over is one of my favorite ways, because you can do them all at once and it's quick. I appreciate the minimal taco when the meat is on point (see below).  In that case, just onion and cilantro are needed, with a squeeze of lime. 

Taco's can go wrong ...
I don't want to shame anyone, so I won't name the establishment but these tacos were recently purchased  from a small town restaurant in Kentucky. Firstly, the chicken is cubed, not shredded for easy tacoing.  It looks unseasoned and on a flour tortilla but it does appear to have some sauce.  The cheese is most likely pre shredded.  It's not horrible but I'm told it was not good.  You can screw up a taco is what I'm saying, but it's hard.  
Tacos from Walter's in Brooklyn - So, my bud ate these and said the shrimp was plump and tasty, but I couldn't get over that ugly brown sauce, which was supposed to be Verde.  The lemon, although makes sense with the shrimp, just feels wrong.  We need limes here. And I said it before but french fries as a side??  What world are we living in??  That being said, I could get down with a side of fries personally, but it doesn't make sense for their hoity menu.  We both agreed, you can take the traditional second tortilla and make 4 tacos or you can use the second to scoop all of your droppings.  If you just give one, we feel cheated.
Here is a great example of correct, perfectly made, goldilocks factor tacos from Truck and Trowel in Los Angeles, CA, owned and operated by my incredible, talented nephew.  Ty is famous for his burgers but has branched out to tacos this year.  When the meat is on point, then I believe going with two fresh, soft, warmed corn tortillas is best. 

 For more homestyle designs, I like to add the extras like cabbage, jalapeno, radish, cilantro, onion, etc.  Crema and crumbly mexican cheese are the best finishers but I'm not opposed to melting cheese on the tort either, or freshly shredded cheddar.  Iceberg lettuce also has it's place for crispy tacos. 
In the end, I like freestyle taco making, but you must include well spiced meat, fresh crispy toppings, a complimentary sauce, and lime for squeezing being conscious of your style of taco, meaning soft or crispy.
Enjoying the last moments of freedom in bed before going back to work from my shoulder injury.  

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