Friday, April 12, 2024

If Not for You, My Sky Would Fall

Leftover ham and beans with homemade flour tortillas and side salad. Too much food admittedly.  I recognize my tendency to fill psychological holes with abundant eats.  This day I was scared to go to physical therapy.  I get the fear.  Are you familiar with, the fear? I had already been to the tiny facility a bunch of times but still it is where I need to be slightly vulnerable.  Small space, a lot of people doing activities that I must get in the middle of and that spells dread for me, although it's always just fine, afterwards that is.  It's also a reminder of mortality and focus on all things flesh.  Old women with broken parts, young athletes with uncomfortable down time, hard-working mothers that had terrible accidents.  It's so much to observe while desperately trying to fade into the woodwork.  

Walking there, through the grey, dreary back route, avoiding the bustling popular streets, I was met with every color of tulip all in peak bloom. I figured if they could be kept after amidst the winos and falling druggies, surely I should be okay.

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