Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Now Get to Work Bitch

Quick-Style Stromboli with store bought pizza crust
There are so many times when I yearn for pizza parlor food.  Calzone, Sausage Rolls, Stromboli or even the bad spaghetti in those foil take out containers.  Either you know it's a bad idea health wise or its a money thing, or a time thing but eventually you talk yourself out of it and that's a good thing.  Other times, you can suppress the urge only so far and then you simply must satisfy that craving.
One must understand and respect, just how tied in our stomach is with our minds.  My stomach is like the calm, reassuring friend to the more delicate, mental state, the brain.  He's the doctor, assessing the situation, along with weather conditions, body pain, energy levels and atmosphere.   

Somehow the transmissions come in like diagnostics from Mr Stomach.  We strongly suggest a heaping helping of a homemade stromboli.  We've assessed that you have the appropriate ingredients on hand to achieve this.  Furthermore, it will be comforting to ease stress, exciting to improve energy and will be a project to achieve and therefore give a sense of accomplishment. Now get your arse in that kitchen. 

I do what I'm told

Ham, pepperoni, olives, onions, Mozzarella, Parmesan were used and store bought pizza crust and spaghetti Marinara sauce. 

Strange Fruit - Romance comes in small gestures.  My mate buys me interesting fruits from the market to try.  It's been a cool little gift.  A delicious Cara Cara navel orange above.  She has pinkish, reddish pulp but she's not a grapefruit, nor a blood orange.  

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