Monday, April 22, 2024

She's Just a Devil Woman

Rice with broccoli and cauliflower
Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater?  In life, I mean.  Ideas, art and good deeds have value but if their owners are cum-sucking pigs, do we still save that baby?  An old roommate that I shared with a dear friend back in the early 90s turned out to be my living nightmare.  However, she could cook her arse off at a time when I couldn't boil water.  She introduced me to very simple foods that one could eat on a strict budget, like rice with broccoli and mayonnaise.  At the time and even now, it's genius because it has elegant simplicity.  Like artichokes with a lemony mayo, this takes on the same flavor profile and the rice fills you up.  The addition of a soft boiled egg seals the deal.  
This is a little girly me-time favorite of mine but when I make it I must also think of this devil woman, who made such pure food.  She couldn't be horrible every day of every hour, even though she gave it her best shot.  Something must have forced itself to the surface that allowed her to garden, to share, to cook, to bake and to just be a human being in its pure form when she didn't have evil on her mind.   

Steel cut oat with blueberries and nuts

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