Sunday, April 28, 2024

Making Your Passion Play, Little Queen


I was savoring my last days of freedom, meaning worker's comp time, before I was thrown back to the wolves of retail.  This entails watching sappy movies from decades past and making foods that make me feel safe and loved.  Pasta, the food, and Heartburn the movie.  I like revisiting old films again and again.  Putting them on, they become like familiar friends in the room, where I don't have to pay attention but they help make the world feel A-okay for the right now.  

If you're familiar with the movie, Meryl Streep whips up a Spaghetti Carbonara bowl after her tryst with Jack Nicholson and presents it in bed, with two forks.  It is an inspiring classic scene that drove me straight into the kitchen to make my own.  No guanciale on hand, surprise, surprise, so I used bacon.  It was so delicious and creamy.  This is one of my all time favorite pastas.   I served it with a side salad. 

* as a side note, a friend sent an article that questioned the origin of this dish and there is good argument that it may have been born out of the US, using eggs and bacon.  

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