Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Well, You Could've Been Anything That You Wanted To

Homemade deluxe nachos for one
I just had nachos from the food truck recently but needed to make my own to play with the different ways of plating and stacking in order to change the eating experience. One issue I have with deluxe nachos is some chips get weighed down, some get soggy if you top ahead of time. So I single layered the chips and cheese in the oven, melted those separately and then stacked all my extras on top, like dipping piles.  Although still wonderful, this was too much work.  I could have made a well in the chips, for the meat and beans, sour cream and guac, then single layered the chips around that well, that would be more convenient for the dipping technique.  It might be best to layer all wet ingredients together so each bite gets the full treatment.  Another way would be to individually dress each chip for plating but that's too fussy for such a fun meal. 
Visually, I like the abundance factor but yes, on further thought, I like the well idea and will try that next time for the ultimate deluxe, most crispy, nacho experience.  How do you like your nachos?
The tulips have one upped themselves this year, coming in many more colors and a variety that super blooms out, almost ending in a full petal splatter.
Cherry Blossoms

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