Saturday, April 13, 2024

When No One Cares But You

First ever received care package from a friend!
I had heard of care packages from thoughtful mothers and concerned friends and always secretly wished to get one, and this day, I did!  Tea and assorted cookies, the kind I crave but would never buy for myself.  So unexpected and appreciated.  We've had a history of thinking of each other and then one of us will text like clockwork.  It's most impressive when lots of time has passed.  At the moment I received this package, I was watching current-day Marisa Tomei, someone we discuss often and love, and I was just about to contact him.  
Another old friend, Spaghetti and meat sauce
Both provide such comfort and proof that life ain't so bad at all.  I've gone on about different types of pasta and sauces but this is a mash up of two favorites, a puttanesca and a meat & mushroom sauce.  I love anchovies, olives, capers, garlic and whole tomatoes.  Ground turkey absorbs just about any flavor, so the ground meat here is for texture and the mushrooms were already in the car, so they went together.  Also, the more things I add to the noodles, keep me from eating a vat. 

I had taken a long morning walk to get the injuries moving and strengthened.  It was gray and not the sunshiny hopeful day that helps to get out in.  It was windy and bleak.  The park was full of annoying tents of crafts and farm fresh produce.  It was Saturday, of course crowds of people were out with kids and dogs. It's their time, I said, as I smirked and rerouted to the desolate, grim areas where I could walk freely without interruption. 

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