Thursday, April 11, 2024

Take a Bottle, Shake it Up

When using store bought dressing, I usually only allow myself a tablespoon at most because of all the crap in them.  Or I'll opt for oil and vinegar instead, which is much more satisfying than one would think.  When I want something decadent and creamy, then my desire is to go all-in and slather that luxuriousness on every tomato, onion and green.  So making yesterday's Mexican Green Goddess dressing allowed me that luxury.  Controlling your ingredients makes that possible.  Yogurt instead of mayo, avocado instead of oil, lots of herbs, garlic.   
Traditionally, homemade dressing has been an afterthought.  Even so, the addition of mustard, or honey or going Asian along the way has been a courting of flavors.  Creating the ideal dress for particular salad medleys is romancing the greens, what I now consider an honor. 

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