Saturday, April 27, 2024

Heading Out This morning, Into the Sun

Freshly made guacamole
Homemade hot sauce, or salsa as the locals say
My own invention of a fresh green apple, tomatillo, jalapeno, avocado sauce for dipping, salad dressing or over meats.

My visiting buddy left.  I put her in an Uber and waved goodbye and she drove off into the sun.  I rushed to a much needed physical therapy session but when I came back, I realized I had a fridge full of fun food to play with.  I bought all of this to entertain and delight her but we never got to it. 
Having this bounty, it became necessary to create a worthy salad.  I grilled up some shrimp over an arugula and cilantro mix and turned it into a taco bowl. 
You know it's spring when your dinner plates become as colorful as the outdoors

For breakfast, yogurt, granola and berries 

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