Monday, April 15, 2024

You're Good Thing (is about to end)

Beef Nachos from Freddy's Truck
These deluxe nachos are completely as I would load them if given the reins and come with two fresh sauces, one invented by Freddy's wife.  They are fairly inexpensive and the portions are decent.  I ate the whole thing and wanted more, but I have the appetite of a linebacker.  As I predicted though, Freddy got smart recently and reduced his portions after much success.  This container used to be full sized for the same price.  It was enough to split before, now it's somewhere in the middle.  As my friend says, I'm not mad at it!  I don't need more than this.  Mexican can still be very iffy in New York and so he's sitting on a gold mine making exceptional offerings. I think he's wise, even though I lose out on my good thing. 

Some of the first warmish sunny days feel exactly like this picture looks. As if rays of sunshine are beaming down specifically welcoming you like angelic beings. 
Lilacs in bloom!

I've always wanted to share and capture this scene.  It reminds me of living in another time, where this does not seem archaic.  Tethered children, such a city-only moment. 

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