Sunday, April 21, 2024

Help Me I Think I'm Falling

Internet Lemon Pasta
The internet is the yipper dog who never shuts up.  I long for the days when I planned my own time, even if I wasted most of it.  There is too much entertainment! Life can't be this frivolous, can it?  I can barely get an original thought in my own head before it gets interrupted by a hundred butterflies with sparkly sparkles fluttering all around, calling me, Hey, Check this out real quick! 
 I was made aware of this internet sensation, called lemon pasta probably more than 30 times before I finally gave in and checked it out.  What could be so special about adding lemon?  However, after speaking with my friend, we both agreed that lemon is a magical element that can do many things.  I needed to make this. 
Well, it's as simple and easy as it is delicious.  Simply dressed pasta can sometimes be more satisfying, especially when you're in it for the silky noodles.  Garlic, pepper flakes, and good Parmesan along with olive oil and a little butter (no cream) is incredible on it's own but the addition of a significant amount of lemon juice and zest truly brings this to another level. If I had it, parsley would have been nice.  
You will find the online recipes vary greatly on ways to prepare these few ingredients. When to add the lemon, some people add everything off the heat, some on high to build the sauce.  Some add 2 cups of cooking liquid (pasta water), others only a few spoonfuls.  In the end, no one is wrong but this one from the Pinch and Swirl website felt right to me, so I went with Marissa's method.  That 1/4 cup of Parm turned into half a cup. Using the smallest grater holes, it falls down like heavenly snow. 

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