Monday, April 29, 2024

It'll Be Just Like Starting Over

Broccolini with Shrimp Carbonara 
I could eat the vat of pasta I made the day before, but instead pulled myself away like the cat from the nip.  Today I forced a big serving of green veg before allowing more carbs. Baby Broccoli, or broccolini is sweet and tender, it's as fun as eating a cartoon tree and less bitter than my other fave, Broccoli rabe.  
If you're wondering, yes, I basically took the spaghetti carbonara from yesterday and added grilled shrimp for more protein.  Repurposing food is a fun way to use up leftovers.

Sometimes you try a new thing because it's on sale at the green market and you think it's gonna be great but instead it sucks!  

How could Watermelon-Lime anything taste this bad?
Granola, yogurt and strawberries for breakfast
A long morning walk amongst tree and flower friends.

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