Monday, April 8, 2024

Looking for an Answer, Trying to Find a Sign

The day of the famous eclipse - pictures shared with me from other states

This is about what I saw (above) when a kind stranger allowed us to look through her glasses on the street here in Brooklyn.  
Another shared photo from another state

You can see an eerie glow on these burgers from Black Forest. The light in Brooklyn wasn't life changing but it DID get us to focus (for about 45 long moments), while waiting for the magic to begin.  We sat outside at a booth facing the sun to reel in this spiritual awakening or whatever was supposed to happen.  Of course, when you talk about something for weeks, about how amazing it will be to 'see', it was impossible not to look up at least once.   We're sort of idiots when you break it down and did not come prepared with glasses.  
Like ordering these amazing grass fed burgers on Brioche buns from the German place that hand makes their own sausages. spaetzle and kraut.  Such a Hoosier move.  I make no excuses for my lameness, other than a burger sounded perfect.  
Yes, we'd love the booth next to the compost bins please

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