Monday, March 1, 2021

Blood's Thicker Than the Mud

Arby's Chicken, Bacon Swiss Sandwich. Incredible!
The thing about funerals is they are for everyone yet our grief is so personal.  The moments of joy in between all the crying and sadness, are heightened because it's all so hard, yet an important part of life.

I had to miss the family gatherings afterwards and in between due to my 'COVID situation' as I called it.  COVID and politics no doubt have broken some of our families and robbed us of our beautiful rituals and traditions.  
Room Service - P's Fajitas from the Gringo Grill

My Shrimp tacos - Super refreshing, loved these!
Dining al Fresco at Gringo Grill 

Super Nachos - Tortillas chips, melted cheese sauce, topped with grilled marinated
steak, pico de gallo, beans and pickled red onions finished with sour cream
salsa and avocado

Stop for gas, get a banana split!  I love this town!
Mini Chimichanga appetizer - MINI CHIMIS   

Four mini chimis (one of each: beans & cheese, green chili & cheese, shredded chicken, ground beef)

I'm almost crying right now remembering that we didn't make a dent in these.  What I wouldn't do for them right now.  
Taco platter for P
Rodehouse Restaurant in Phoenix - Burger looked normal but tasted exceptional
Avocado BLT with Tavern Chips
Airport in North Carolina -  Buffalo Shrimp and fries
Instead of telling stories and having long talks with family, P took my Marge Simpson coughy ass on a long drive to where my folks used to live and it made up for any horrible shade I received.  He in turn spent some time at the local Indian Casino while I waited outside soaking up all the vitamin D and quiet.  

Superstition Mountains

The nearby town of Miami was desolate, quiet and felt like a painting

In happier times, I visited my parents here in Globe where they lived on this hill looking out onto a wash where wild javelinas roamed and peach trees grew.

Back on Mars

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