Monday, March 22, 2021

Now the Darkness Only Stays At Night Time

I couldn't listen to music for the last couple of months but I am very happy to report that it is once again saving my ass on the daily.  Forever before that, I could not break the habit of picking the loneliest, most depressing songs and then taking a long bath in them for hours.  It felt necessary to allow the thick fog to penetrate the room and leave it's dismal dew.  There's dignity in that gloom, an acknowledgement from the universe that I must have needed.   Dark music has always been my melancholy companion and happy tunes were for another girl but finally, someone pulled the blackout curtains and let some sunshine up in this bitch, as the kids say.  I will always love the morose and pleading cries of the heart but as I reenter society in the next week, I need to trick my brain into thinking everything is just dandy with the world and it's not always going to be this grey.  
Just like I tricked it to believe these cauliflower steaks were amazing, roasted and topped with colorful friends.  And they were, especially after I added cheese!

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