Thursday, March 18, 2021

Classy, Bougie, Ratchet

Oregano Olive Chicken recipe 

It's been a few days but I keep thinking about that Grammy performance by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.  First of all the Grammy's were so great this year.  I loved the way they put artists together in clusters and that it was full of real musicians.  We're all starved for live music, so to see full production performances was a treat.  The tributes are always tricky and I've said before, we can't leave it up to the award shows to properly honor these amazing souls that passed on because there are too many of them.  Instead we need dedicated TV time, a full show.  But I appreciated the John Prine song from Brandi Carlile. Lionel Richie made me cry, Bruno Mars is too good and Brittany Howard is no slouch.  Eddie Van Halen, I actually liked the solo video with the guitar shown.  It was concise and honestly, who can 'cover' his style?  That's right, no one. 

Oregano, olives, garlic, capers pimento lightened up these Chicken drums.  Apple, red onion pepper and cabbage with cilantro and red wine vinegar  made a nice side slaw.

Too similar to those popular singing competition shows, they filmed a little biography piece where you got to know the artist's story before their performance.  So, after hearing Megan Thee Stallion's strong support system background, along with her desire to keep it positive, I anticipated different.   Disclaimer:  I came entirely ignorant of her huge rising star.

No one I asked had watched the show, so I was left to form my own opinions, until this morning when many media outlets chimed in.   I'm less interested in the political side of the argument.   I was shocked initially by Megan's first song, which was catchy and the choreography and production was top notch.  Clearly, she worked hard and held a presence that I didn't feel from that Dua Lipa.  Maybe seeing someone so well put together physically (damn girl!), is why it felt so racy?  I couldn't help but feel like Megan was selling herself a little short.  Is she ratchet?  Because they just convinced me she was raised well, smart and focused.  Clearly she is young, fresh and gorgeous.  If I were her, I'd take a good look at Cardi who is only 2 years her senior.   Cardi has mutilated her body, and she's already made her giant platform stage bed.  She is who she is, love it or leave it.  Megan, could have it all quickly, but I hope she goes another way.  I say that lovingly, like I wish I had a nice Aunty that gave me advice back when, not as a judging prude. Their joint performance felt Ugly, Vulgar, Nasty!  

I was put off by the song's sentiment, sex for money, money equals power.  Yawn!  I see how that might feel empowering to someone who has felt no other means, but we've come a long way baby!  Strap on that guitar instead of a dildo Stallion!  You've got Beyonce in your pocket!  That is worth more than all the skank you can buy! 

Yes it's true, we wouldn't be talking about it if they didn't bump uglies and say and do so many vile gestures.  On the other hand, that's all sensationalized art performance made to get our chonies in a bunch.  For me the real musical awesomeness was, Harry Styles. That hook in Watermelon Sugar was so reminiscent of a Sade or a Steve Winwood vibe.  

Beautiful Boy!


  1. I AM HERE!
    I too get very frustrated at the direction some women are taking their careers.
    It seems like a step backwards, not sex/bodies forward.
    Unfortunately I was on the airplane to visit my dad so I didn't get to see the Grammys. People that I know that watch them really enjoyed them.
    I read a viewing report and the youth aren't watching....

    1. 💓🤓 Yeah, apparently no one watched them. But other then a few performances being weird, they did some cool stuff this time. It actually felt more like real music than previous years due to the COVID accommodations.


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