Saturday, March 20, 2021

You Did Me Wrong, So Here's Your Song, Now Sing Along

Cumin Turkey Chili with chickpeas
Taste of Home featured a Turkey White Chili recipe that gave me the inspiration and creative license to add zucchini, red pepper, mushrooms and spinach.   I wasn't sure the extra vegetables would be welcome in this cumin, jalapeno chili with Chickpeas but they were indeed and made a very handsome soup!  The broth beforehand was fortified with celery, onion, garlic and herbs and all the extra cores and bits from the cut up vegetables. 

So today, my computer died, I dropped my camera and cracked the lens and I got a mini migraine, all on this most fabulous, first day of spring.  Plus I made the mistake of going outside when I wasn't ready to face the cringey couples that burst out on the first sunny day of the year with their positive attitudes and cute little dogs.  It feels wrongfully happy, like you're on the set of a bad broadway musical.   

I instantly felt my mood sundowning and had to pull down my cap to shield the sunlight from my eyes.  But I could not go through a major migraine today.  I've been sick for SO many days in a row and finally believed all this craziness was about to all go away.  This has been a marathon and I'm so done.  Just like you're done.  We all need to get back out there and live our lives again.    

I found this site called,  They call it a game but it's another great tool to get out of misery!  It's cool because it poses the same questions I normally ask in my head, in order to pull out of the doldrums but this is so much more organized!  The premise being there is usually a simple reason some of us start to go down the poop shoot mentally.  Sometimes its physical.  Hangry is a real condition.  Sometimes you just need to get up and do another task in order to trick your mind or look at birds, pet your dog.  The fact that you can find a way out of the blues by using logic is genius.  

blistered shishito peppers

Lemon spritzed blistered shishito peppers can take the stink off whatever the day throws at you.

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