Tuesday, March 23, 2021

So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell?

Cauliflower Asparagus Broccoli Soup
Vegetable Soups are more refined looking if you blend them smooth.  They feel and taste more sophisticated as well.  I do love a thick broth but I like chunky vegetables and meat, so instead I mashed the cauliflower until it thickened the lot.  But I served with a dollop of sour cream so that one could blend it in for extra creaminess.  
I felt like I needed to make a medicinal concoction to help ground my core with real food, that included green colors, herbs and earthy mushrooms.  It sounds odd but my gut has sensed this emptiness in the air, as if a big chunk of something good dissolved from the planet leaving all this void.  The same as when they took all that trans fat out of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Do you remember the first time you noticed it was missing from your favorite fast food?  It tasted good still, and it was clearly chicken but all that magic was gone. I can't pinpoint it, maybe there aren't appropriate words to describe exactly what went away, but the world feels so altered, and more so each day.  I thought this notion would fade after I became well but it hasn't. I wanted to believe the virus was distorting reality and now I read they are linking more psychological damage cases but other than moments of stupidity, I feel pretty intact.  So, I'm not sure what to think but the feeling's gotten stronger.  It's not sad, it feels more like what once was important, is no longer real. I would say the hollowness of society is visible somehow.  Where is all the stuuuuff? 
It's not just me, because I've polled friends and many agree, they notice something too.  I'm not sure anyone is obsessing about this, however, I have noticed many of my pals are downright depressed. People are going  through it.  Spending so much time in isolation surely had an impact but could it have affected energy in such a profound way as to shift reality?  It's not an outrageous thought that we finally did something to upset the delicate chemistry balance and this is causing a reaction in our brains or how we're interacting with the environment.  We're delicate creatures when it comes down to it, operating on a tightrope of chance.  It probably would only take a slight shift to throw us all into chaos.  Of all the horror stories you read about global warming, they never mention what can happen to our bodies or minds during all of this. Regardless, there is something so undeniably off right now. Lately, I wake up hoping the magic dust is back but when I realize it's still gone, I get a little spooked. 
But you can't live in fear of the unknown and God knows we could use some changing.  It would be great if it's not world destruction though. 

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