Friday, March 12, 2021

You'll Learn to Cry Like Me, Just You Wait and See

Oyster mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic!
Relationships with men come with a unique set of problems.  Most partnerships tend to have takers and givers but I'd put my money on the majority of the granters being female.  I think we can all agree that a lot of men are not very self aware.  My friends and sisters remind me of these common traits almost every time we speak.  When I was younger I felt it was so unfair to generalize but now it has become crystal clear that people who identify as male are significantly different and there are these very real commonalities.  It serves us best to try to understand how to communicate through all of these distinctions, instead of fault them entirely but I'm torn between believing men are unapologetically selfish by nature, or they have absolutely no idea the quiet chaos that ensues due to their narrow-minded actions.  Thousands of songs have been written, tears shed, moments lost.  Why do we bother to care?
It's almost impossible for women not to evaluate and observe relationship status.  That's part of our nature, although some of us could stand to use the time to be a little more self serving.  Sure, women can be equally as strange and I couldn't give clear reasons why I do most things, but I'm pretty sure I'm not selfish in love.  But perhaps it's foolish to try to delve too deep into the brains of men. Men will always describe themselves as simple, so we're left to believe we're overthinking it.  Meanwhile, many of our needs are left unmet.  I have noticed when confronted, guys will accommodate your request to change or perform a task, if only for a time or two.  But one wonders, is this just to placate us momentarily? Do our yearning desires drift away as quickly as their sense of obligation to please us?   
It is not lack of focus because when a need strikes them, they produce razor sharp drive.  I hate relying on karma but sometimes I do take solace in the idea of cosmic payback for these issues I cannot solve.

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