Thursday, March 25, 2021

What Is and What Should Never Be

Brown Rice Bowl with Chicken Sausage & Vegetables
Outside of special occasions, I've fully revamped my cooking style and thinking.  Mainly, I'm looking for meals that will also serve well for lunch or a 2nd revamp the next day.  Another criteria is that it can sit warming in oven for hours as we're eating on different schedules.  Everything is changing, the city, the borough, our lives again, jobs, schedules.  One thing that stays solid is Sheet pan dinners, my quarantine savior meal! SPD's check off all of the boxes and continue to be my go to method.   

Sheet Pan-Demic Dinner!

All of the new skyscrapers have been worked on unnoticed during the shut down but are now taking shape around Downtown Brooklyn. 

I was told this one will be the tallest building in the borough wrapping around the Dimes Savings Bank...
What will be the finished product
That looks like Dubai landed on the Fulton Mall and I'm having trouble understanding who thought this would be a great idea.  Have they been downtown?! It makes no sense, much like everything else right now, completely ridiculous on every level.  Even before the Pandemic this was an odd, grotesque addition, but now it feels like we've just lost all control of reality completely.    

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