Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One Minute Feels Like a Lifetime, Baby When I Feel This Way

An inordinate amount of photos of my dinner

If it takes too long to make your take-out decision choice then you probably should not be ordering for delivery.  If nothing sounds that tempting or it all feels too fatty and expensive, then unless you have absolutely nothing to make in your home, get your tired arse in that kitchen and make something yourself.  Eating can be a wonderful, sensual experience, but it doesn't have to be such an occasion.  It's okay if you just put something in your belly to get on with life from time to time. And that applies in other areas of life I suppose. 

Foodies struggle with all this romanticism, the way the perfect food is going to make them feel in our souls, deep down to our core.  The true enjoyment and vital satisfaction of the ideal meal, from the first perfect bite to that moment that you realize you're full but you allow yourself to keep going, just a little bit more.  The level of craving we get for a particular meat or herb, and then having it!  All senses are activated.  I hope to always enjoy food in this way. 

But it's not always possible, as was the case on this day.  I considered Thai, Chinese, pizza, burgers, even the Korean chicken spot but could not pull the trigger.  In the end I made these pizza burgers and finished them under the broiler with tomato, onion, pepperoni and two cheeses.  I had half a bag of frozen hash browns that served in place of french fries.  Plopped on a bed of lettuce turned out to be the best choice.  I knew what I was putting in it, I could control the fat and the best part, it didn't cost me a thing.  

However, life is short and getting shorter.  I believe here and there, you DO need to get yourself what you want and how you want it in order to continue with the mundane in life, all the uneventful, routine minutes of the days that must happen in order to move through time and space.  

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