Monday, March 29, 2021

You Used to Think That It was So Easy

Chickpea Burgers with Cauliflower Mash
Even though I've made a ton of bean burgers, it's always good to read a recipe or watch a video.  I figure I  might learn to throw something in that I haven't tried yet.  It's important to cater your spices to the bean.  In this case, Chickpeas pair well with cumin, turmeric, mustard even.  Fresh herbs especially pop here.  You don't need egg as a binder if you mash them up thoroughly but you can add one in, along with oatmeal, breadcrumbs, nuts or seeds to stretch the filling.  Finely chopped vegetables (carrots are a a good choice), garlic, and onion, complete the ingredient list.  This time I used green onion and they were even more delightful! 

And guess what? You can make them on a sheet pan!  20-30 minutes to bake and you have yourself a bunch a burgers to feature as you like, when you like.  In a pita, on a bun, wrapped in lettuce!

The amount and variety of recipes out there will surely satisfy your tastes.  These are economical, interesting, super easy and dare I say, fun to make with all the smashing and mixing with your hands.  I mashed up cauliflower and added some butter and lots of cracked black pepper to go alongside. 

If all life were this easy... 

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