Sunday, March 14, 2021

And It's Good Old Country Comfort In My Bones

I never make the same BBQ sauce twice.  Each time I believe it's the best I've made.  There are so many bottled sauces on the market but I've yet to find a great hot, non-sugary one.  Braised country ribs are still a noteworthy inexpensive dinner alternative, especially if you make your own sauce.  Corn taken off the cob and sauteed in seasoned butter with zucchini and onion works well as a side.   
It's all about the photo.  Many don't like their food to touch but the better picture would have the ribs stacked and leaning on the side dish.  Before fame and fortune I worked at Sears photography studio in Fresno, CA. 

Make a bunch and freeze half for a rainy day

Sister sometimes has 50 geese in her yard in Colorado

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