Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hey Baby, What'da You Know About If That's Real

I called these Cheatin' Chilaquiles because I didn't make the sauce but used the remainder of a good jarred variety but I did fry up my own seasoned chips. The last bits of sausage and ham went on the bottom with pepper jack cheese melted in and poached eggs on top.  Also, you're supposed to soak the chips in the sauce, in the pan but since there wasn't a bounty left, and because I love a crispy chip, I did not do that.  Cheatin' Chilaquiles. 
Suzanne Somers just reported she is having sex 3 times a day, all before noon.  We're doing something wrong people!  Reading on, she's having it with her 84-year old husband who she has to inject with testosterone every Tuesday.  So, you really gotta read the fine print.   But good on her, she's making it work, literally.

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